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About Us


Our Mission Statement:

Creating community connection through bold, engaging live theatre.


In 1982 by Doug Donald and Lenore Howard co-founded Fly-By-Night Theatrics, established to foster diverse and challenging theatrical opportunities for artists and audiences alike. For many years, housed in no single location, Fly-By-Night performed in found spaces that enhanced the plays’ settings and themes.

For example:

  1. Ruth & Russ Nash Art Gallery Basement for &

  2. The cell area of The Old Jail for the old west of

  3. The dungeon of that same jail for the dystopian setting of

  4. The North Courtroom of the Dubuque County Courthouse for the courtroom drama:


  1. The intimate setting of the Brownstone Gallery for Emily Dickinson’s parlor in


  1. The cavernous bierstube setting of The Bijou Room for

  2. The Spirit of Dubuque Riverboat for TALES OF MARK TWAIN


For 40 seasons audiences will have followed FBNP to 16 different locations, including Five Flags’ Main Stage and The Bijou Room, where FBNP presently resides.


In 1990 Fly-By-Night Theatrics joined forces with another local group, KH&H Productions, which then,  evolved into Fly-By-Night Productions In 1996 Fly-By-Night Productions incorporated as a 501[c]3 non-profit organization.


By the end of our 2022-2023 Season FBNP will have:

  1. Mounted 158 productions, (in addition to live radio shows & public play readings)

  2. Toured 11 productions

  3. Held 4 public theatre workshops

  4. Collaborated in Partnerships 17 times with City & Community organizations:

  5. Received DCFAS award for Cultural Contributions to Dubuque (1990) and 365 Impact Award for Arts (1918)

  6. Engaged the services of over 3800 Tri-State volunteers.

In addition FBNP has always operated on the funds available and has never incurred debt and successfully fulfilled all grants received. 

Doug Donald served as Founding Artistic Director from 1982-1999, when he was hired to teach and become director of theatre at Loras College.  Lenore Howard was then installed as Artistic Director, a position in which she continues to serve. FBNP is a federal 501(c)(3) non-profit theatre company governed by the Board of Directors.

FBNP is primarily a volunteer-based community theatre company.


The 2022-2023 Season marks FBNP’s 40th year of producing bold, innovative and engaging theatre in Dubuque, Iowa, and the Tri-State Area.

Flying High

FBNP values risk and challenge in its choice of fare and in its artistic working style.

Plays are chosen by three criteria based on our resources:

​  1. Is it a good script, and would anyone else do it locally soon?
2. Can we stage it differently to make it a unique production?
  3. Is there a challenge for actors, director, designers, audience,
or the production as a whole?

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