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About Us

We're committed to the Arts

Prepare for take off . . .

The Maiden Voyage to Today

Co-founded in 1982 by Doug Donald and Lenore Howard, FBNP was established to foster diverse theatrical opportunities for artists and audiences alike. For many years, housed in no single location, FBNP performed in spaces that enhanced the plays’ settings and themes.

For more than three decades, audiences have followed FBNP to 13 different locations, including Five Flags’ Main Stage and Bijou Room, where FBNP presently resides.

FBNP prefers to work in an ensemble method. The process is the reward, and the integrity of the production takes focus. At FBNP, we respect and approve of each other’s work in order to encourage and foster risk taking and growth in our art.

Doug Donald served as Founding Artistic Director from 1982-1999, until he left FBNP to his new travel destination as the Director of the Loras Players, Loras College, Dubuque, IA.  Lenore Howard then assumed the role of head pilot as the new Artistic Director for FBNP, a position in which she continues to serve.

FBNP is a 501-c3 non-profit organization governed by a board of directors.

FBNP is primarily a volunteer based community theatre company.

Our Mission Statement:

To engage, connect and energize audiences and participant artists in theatre as a shared live experience; to expand that experience through bold, broad repertoire and staging with high artistic excellence to entertain, challenge, and inspire.

Flying High

FBNP values risk and challenge in its choice of fare and in its artistic working style.

Plays are chosen by three criteria based on our resources:

1. Is it a good script, and would anyone else do it locally soon?

2. Can we stage it differently to make it a unique production?

3. Is there a challenge for actors, director, designers, audience, or the production as a whole?

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